I'm the down-to-earth, West Texas girl next door who is in the business of co-creation, by crafting images full of purpose, soul + story. I've been a professional portrait-maker for almost a decade, focusing on travel, editorial, lifestyle + love. I'm a deep feeler + a storyteller at heart who isn't afraid to try new things or be silly (and I'll definitely crack a few terrible jokes along the way). 

And here's a little on what I'm all about.

Hey there,
I'm Madison.

+ She/Her - Nicknames: Mad, Maddog, Lovey, Auntie M.
+ I love silly jokes + stupid memes.
+ The Office (my desert-island choice)
+ I love the high desert of Far West Texas.
+ Virgo, Enneagram 4, INFJ, 2/4 Manifestor.
+ Married to my man for 10 years! We have 2 pups.
+ I LOVE a good food + travel experience that feels spiritual.
+ I process through writing, poetry + working in my garden. 

But for real, I'm here to make some honest, feeling-focused images. Not only to create something beautiful together, but you'll feel the bass note beneath them: the heartbeat, the rhythm, the story, the soul. If you are looking for picture perfect + curated, I'm not your girl. I'm here to help you see the wonder + awe in your everyday, and the little truths beneath it all, so that you see your real self looking back at you.



cups of daily coffee


weddings I take a yr.


countries I've visited

Just kidding. I would be a ball of anxiety
if that were the case.

Here's to the good you found, and the great that awaits.

Meet Ranger.
He's a Heeler Mix
+ a big-time momma's boy.

We hope to live near
mountains one day.

Meet Yogi.
He's a Boxer mix
+ a sweet boy.

I prefer nature Over
bustling cities.
(But I love NYC!)

Meet Zach.
My wild man + adventure
buddy of 10 years.

I love Fresh Flowers in the house.
(my goal is to grow my own!)

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a few of my favorite things.


 Because of Mad's unique vision + take, you’re going to get someone so dedicated to the art + work beyond a level of professionalism. She is completely invested in your experience of it. A gift of conception to final product, with her unique stamp on it. And you'll learn more about yourself along the way, too.

"You’re going to get more than you could have imagined."

Holcomb Family

Madison is a photographer that always captures our family in ways I never knew I needed. She takes notice of the smallest details that make our family pictures treasured forever.

"She Captures our family in ways i never knew i needed."


She listened to my ideas  + brought fantastic creativity of her own to the table. On our wedding day, she put my husband at ease and made him want to get photographed by her again, which is a huge deal if you know him.  She makes all her clients feel at comfortable and laughs with them. 

"she makes all her clients feel at ease"


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