Landa Park Elopement in New Braunfels.

I love it when everything aligns.


To me, the synchronicities of life are a huge indicator that you are on the right path and tapped into something bigger than yourself. And that’s how I felt this elopement for A + B came to be.


You see, they actually live in Washington state, had plans to visit family in New Braunfels and decided to elope at a park with huge trees (one of their favorite things) while in Texas. Thanks to the great connector called Instagram, A and I have actually been in communication over similar interests for years. Cheering each other on, and sending snail mail like old pen pals. And as it just so happened, while on their quest to find a photographer in the area for their elopement, I was already going to be nearby during that same time frame. So, you can probably figure out the rest.


I just love how things like that work out.


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